Manda is a mom of two, with a passion for art, reading, and sharing beautiful things! Born in California, Manda started the way any artist starts, with doodling and dreaming.



Her family moved to Mississippi and she kept on doodling. Literally, she still has the "designed note passing paper" she created. Then met her high school art teacher, Mr. Watts, who turned her spark of creativity into an inferno. With his guidance, she learned about her passion for Art History, and even won a few awards. Both local art shows and State Art Shows. She was accepted into Mississippi School of the Arts, which she sadly could not attend as her family, once again, moved, this time to Texas.



She continued her love of art with AP level courses in High School, again also earning local and a national awards for art pieces. In college, she also went beyond charcoal, paint, and crayon and discovered digital art, ceramics, and sculpture. Manda absorbed them all and wanted to keep learning! Then life happened for a little while. Her two kids demand her attention, while also helping with ideas for art pieces, picking colors, and even critiquing when needed. Trust me, they are brutally honest.



Now, Manda calls Tennessee home. Where her wonderful friends convinced her that collecting all of her art pieces was a waste of talent, and encouraged her to open a shop. Today, Manda still loves creating messes, has integrated her love of reading into her digital art, and shows up at the occasional local craft show. Experimenting and always overflowing with new ideas, Manda has far exceeded any hope her love of art has already taken her and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Naturally, life is messy, so why not make it beautiful!